Davide Degano

I was born in a small village in Italy.
As I graduated from high school, I moved to Australia for 3 years, while traveling around East-Asia. During my travels, I had developed a strong interest in photography and soon enough I really fell in love with the medium.
In Australia, I moved my first steps as a photographer working for “JustAustralia“ and the Italian magazine “Il Globo“. My interest and passion for photography are due to my fascination with the narrative possibilities that the medium offers.
I believe that visual narratives have a strong power that many times is impossible to convey in a written text. For this reason, I focused more and more on the medium of photography during my studies and started to investigate on the storytelling possibilities offered by the visual medium itself. This eventually led me to the Royal Academy of Art, KABK, where I have got the opportunity to learn and experiment with a huge variety of approaches to documentary photography.
I am currently living in The Hague, where I am attending the 4th academic year while working as an independent photographer.


Royal Academy of Art, Graduation Show 2020
The Hague, The Netherlands
Group Exhibition
September 10th-13th 2020

'Beyond the Land of Castles' introduction
solo Exhibition
Trieste, Palazzo del Consiglio Regionale
sponsored By Regione Friuli
1st October - 30th October 2019

group exhibition
La Fabriche dal Ingen Faedis, Udine Italy
10-19 May 2019

'We Feed The World Exhibition'
group exhibition
- by Gaia Foundation,
curated by Cheryl Newman
The Bargehouse Gallery, London, UK
11-16 October 2018

'While Everything Else Flows'
group exhibition in collaboration with
The Academy of Art in Novi Sad, Serbia
March 2017 at Ibza bar
Project part of Forgetful Numbers in Novi Sad

group exhibition
9-19 March 2017
The Brick Lane Gallery
London, UK

'In The Streets' by Davide Degano
solo exhibition
dal 9 al 18 Luglio 2016
Casa delle Arti, corte San Francesco 10,
Cividale del Friuli Presented by: Formae Mentis,
Gruppo di Ricerca Artistico Culturale
s del Friuli Venezia Gliulia.

Online publications:

ArtDOC Magazine
Vogue Italia, Photovogue
The Photographic Journal
Push Pull Zine
Icon Magazine